2019: Bring on the creativity!

My name is Greta Burley and I am one of the new Tools for Women residents at Makerlabs for January + February 2019. I have been curious about Makerlabs for quite some time and finally had a chance to visit their studios at the Eastside Culture Crawl last fall. As a trained cabinetmaker and visual artist I knew I had to become involved with this community somehow, and when I found the Tools for Women program I was intrigued. When I was accepted into the program I was mostly excited for the opportunity to collaborate and work with other women in a group and learn, explore and make art together. Since my training at BCIT I have been very aware of the low representation of women in trades and this program is a great opportunity to learn new skills and pass them on.

Some of my favourite personal art pieces from last year. I love working with wood, acrylic paint and resin. The images to the right have all incorporated laser cutting and wood. You can find more of my art on instagram: @gretaburleydesign or http://www.gretaburleydesign.com

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